Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Naturally Gluten Free Food.

I eat food that is naturally gluten free (GF), for me that is food that is GF and as unprocessed as I can have it, foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit and meat. I also stay as far away from what I consider GF "franken" food as I can, that means that I don't eat cakes, pizzas, biscuits etc etc. This means that I also eat a diet naturally low in carbohydrates. Most of my carbohydrates come from fruit and vegetables. Here are a couple of examples of what I mean.

Octopus salad (not a crouton in sight)

Duck and Daikon wraps (duck wrapped in lettuce leaves)

As a celiac this diet works well for me and keeps the cost down of purchasing food because I don't buy those (what I consider) awful GF bread and cakes etc, etc. It's not that I look down on others for eating what I consider the GF "franken" foods it's just that there is no room in my life for them and guess what after a couple of years you don't even miss or want these foods. You can live without bread, cakes, pizza and biscuits, it's just that most people don't want to.

Keep Well x 

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