Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The big 50

Tomorrow I will be 50 and to celebrate this momentous occasion I have decided that I will try to make the next year a year of 50 firsts. So 50 things I have never experienced before, it's like a bucket list but it won't be 50 things on a list, it will be 50 things that are new to me. So if I come across the opportunity to try something new I will grab it with both hands. 

I have already experienced a lot of new things over the last 2 years and I've realized that I haven't really bothered to mark it down as an event. Such as, living in LA and Houston, visiting Dubai and staying on a game reserve in Kenya for 5 weeks. Joining running and cycling clubs, doing volunteer work, running mountain trails, crafting, attending special functions, trying new foods and meeting new people. I mean, I have blogged about them and posted photos of them but not really recognized that it was anything different from the run of the mill things we do in life. 

Today for example, I am sat on a yacht in Dockyards Bermuda while a storm is blowing around me and I'm writing my blog about doing or recognizing new things. I am about to go and grab a coffee at the pharmacy before going to the museum where I am doing some research work as a volunteer, I am handling some old documents and pouring over the script whilst digging out the details. I have to handle them with gloves and not force anything straight whilst propping up the delicate bits and then try and read and make sense of what is written before making notes about it. It's slow going but I'm really enjoying it. 

Enough for now, I need that coffee.....

Take Care


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