Tuesday, September 2, 2014

world #artdropday

Kia Ora,

I'm taking part in world art drop day. I'm both nervous and excited about this. But even as I'm writing my post someone has already picked up my art work. I chose a spot close to the boat just so I could keep my eye on the spot and voila as I was walking back to the boat someone sat down on the bench and put my art into their bag. So I suppose that's a result lols…

I didn't manage to get an "after" photo because it all happened so quickly.

But I did get two "before" photo's so here they are .. This is a food coloring and ink pen drawing on water color paper…

Before I put the drawing in a plastic sleeve

Packaged and Dropped

I left the drawings on a bench in Elizabeth Marina, St Helier, Jersey. UK.

So thanks for dropping by (pun intended)

And as always 

Keep Well x


  1. Hi Nicky. Wow you're a talented artist! This is so good I'm not surprised someone took this home. I've not heard of an art drop before you'll have to explain it to me. Great to see you're in the UK again. Sorry I haven't commented on your other posts but I've had a few problems. Such a wonderful picture! Debra x

    1. Thanks Debra, you're too sweet. Art drop day is literally that, artists "drop" their art in a public place and then using social media let people know where they have dropped their art. I left mine on a bench near the boat and then went back to the boat so I could get a photo of the person picking it up. But as I was walking to the gates to let myself in the marina I spied someone picking it up. And I think I've seen this guy painting watercolor around St Helier. It's exciting to think another human being thought enough of my work to take it away with them. Nicky x