Monday, July 27, 2015

Folded Flower

Kia Crafty Chums,

I thought I'd come along with a quick make that goes with a video I uploaded the other day.

I got the idea from the paper craft magazine, it's full of great ideas every month, I love it.

What you need to do is cut 5 squares of paper, make them any size you want so long as they are square in the video I show you 2 sizes, a 3"square and a 2" square if I remember correctly. 

Fold on in half diagonally.

Keeping the fold at the top and bring the two outer points down to the bottom. 

This forms a square.

Open up the folded flaps, place your finger inside and squash the fold to make a kite shape on each side of the central square.

Fold up the top points of the kite shapes in line with the edge of the square.

Fold over the outer edges of the kite to enclose the previous folds.

Run a line of glue along the folded edge and join the two folded edges together without creasing the paper.

The petal shape is formed without creasing, continue until all the paper is folded into petal shapes and then glue them together along the folded edges to form the flower.

Five petal flower or Kusudama, front view.

Five petal flower or Kusudama, side view.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked the mini tutorial. 

Keep Well

Nicky x 

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  1. Wonderful flower Nicky and a brilliant step by step tutorial! Debra x