Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Celiac Iceberg (a non crafting post)

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I'm always looking at the latest research into CD and this one was no real shock to me, when I think of people I know who complain about stomach pain etc.. 

An Australian-developed diagnostic test that includes genetic markers suggests coeliac disease is far more prevalent than previously thought.

The study involving over 2,500 randomly selected Victorians combined TG2 igA testing plus biopsy, as recommended in clinical guidelines, with genetic screening for HLADQ2.5, DQ8 and DQ2.2 genes, one of which is present in virtually all coeliac patients.

Over half the study participants had one of the genetic risk factors, the authors from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research found that ...

Coeliac disease potentially affected one in 60 Australian women and one in 80 men, study data revealed, contrasting with previous estimates that put prevalence at around one in 100.

You can read the study HERE  .......  One of the interesting thing about the study was that some of the participants with symptoms of CD actually had Crohn's disease and that's why diagnosis is such a good thing. I always advocate for a diagnosis rather than someone with symptoms of CD just putting themselves onto a GF diet.  I was diagnosed using what was the the "gold" standard testing, blood tests and small intestine biopsy. After years of pain it was good to eventually get the diagnosis, it only took 40 years and a change of country to get it lols.

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  1. Hi Nicky. The study does show interesting findings and I hope will lead to CD being diagnosed earlier. Like you, although she'd had symptoms since a small child, my Mum wasn't diagnosed until she was in her forties (she's 76 now) and that was by accident and proved to be too late as she had already got brittle bones caused by the lack of vitamins etc. and has to use sticks and a wheelchair.
    Anyway, thank you very much for offering to help me! I've just managed to put Google friend connect on my blog which is a miracle for me. I have MS and find learning new things which require ANY brain power a challenge. My eldest son, Chris, made my blog during his week long holiday from uni. It's www.craftedbydebra.blogspot.co.uk I'm hoping to post more often than I do as I get the hang of it. Thanks again for the offer. Debra x