Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Trainers

I purchased a new pair of trainers last week (Mizunos) and they are the lightest pair I have ever owned at something like 8.4oz I think it was and they are fantastic to wear but to run in them is something else again. I normally wear Asics and the pair below which are the latest pair I have are an astonishing 9.2oz but here's the thing.

I have been running in Asics for so long that the muscles in my body are used to the way they feel when I wear them but when I ran a relatively short distance (5 miles) in my new Mizunos the next day my whole body ached and is still aching nearly a week on. My muscles are like WTF did you do that for, so I think that if I want to run in the Mizunos I have to wear them in at much shorter distances, well I mean if I ever do because my shortest distance at the moment is 5 miles, I might just wear them to do my weight lifting instead of running in them which is a shame because they are comfortable to wear and are my lightest pair yet. Thankfully I used a 20% off coupon when I purchased them which meant that I got them for $89 so they weren't a complete waste of money to buy. I'm sure that I'll have to get a second pair of Asics very shortly as I'm ramping up the mileage on the marathon training schedule now.

Here's another card I made the other day with my favorite theme on it, yes it's a cat ; )

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